About Us

Matt Nickle began creating sounds and music at a very young age. He first got his taste of rhythm by “sitting on the kitchen floor in his diaper and banging out tunes on pots and pans” (thanks mom).  He began his proper training as a musician and composer around the age of 12. When he started middle school his mom forced him to take general music for one of his classes.  But the day of registration, and without his mom knowing, he switched the class from general music to beginning percussion (because drumming was so much cooler than singing and playing the recorder). His mom has since forgiven him, but from that day forth his passion for creating and performing music began to grow. Very early on he began composing and creating ideas for piano and  percussion by ear alone. But through his studies from high school to college he has become well versed in the music culture.  Even though he is now formally trained he composes, performs, and creates much of his music by ear, instinct, and by emotion.  He understands that true music doesn’t come from teachers and books, but it merely comes through raw emotion, pure imagination, and most importantly, heart and soul.